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Friday, January 13, 2012

Creativity in Music Composition (U of T Masterclass)

I just got back from doing a master class for the jazz department at U of T.  I think it went pretty well! The presentation was about creativity in music composition, and how fears and anxiety can get it the way of that. Here is a link to download the slides that I used.

Here are links to the two videos I played clips from:

These are the posts on my blog that contributed to the presentation in some way. I'd recommend the "Wrap Up and Analysis" as a good place to start if you aren't looking for anything specific.  It includes a list of all the books that were recommended to me during the interviews.

If anyone has any feedback or other ideas or resources about composition or creativity, I'd love to hear about it - post a comment!

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  1. Hey Matt,
    Just found this post and I'm days away from a major composition deadline and definitely experiencing some creative stumbles. The affirmation and elaboration that it provides helped a ton!

    Thanks for sharing,


  2. Glad it helped Ben! I'm still working on and adding to this presentation, in the hopes of doing it again (except better!) someday. Good luck with the composing!